Check out page 5 of the Kick Start Manual to show the 5 easy steps to join Blacktown Junior Mini Bike Club and start competing.

On your first training day you’ll be given a Kick Start Manual to explain the process of obtaining your competition licence.

Click on the manual to the left and wait a minute to load the 2 meg PDF book, then check out page 5 for the 5 easy steps to get going.

For a further explanation of how to get started, go to the bottom of this page.


Have a look at the calendar on this website and see when our next kickstart is on, Email us to confirm that you will be joining on that day. You can’t do a kickstart on a club day.

On the day, along with the rider and bike, you will need to bring the following equipment:

Helmet (Approved by MA Check here for approved standards) | Gloves | Goggles | Long pants | Long sleeve shirt |
We recommend Elbow and Knee Guards are used by all riders | Motorcycle boots (enclosed covering 3/4 of lower leg covered) | You will need Body Armour to ride once you have a license | You will also need to make sure your bike is prepared to pass scrutineering.
Scrutineering is where your bike will be checked and Okayed to ride that day.

Join the club is easy now it can be done online through Ridernet. CLICK HERE TO JOIN ONLINE. Please select Minikhana from the drop down list.

On the day of your Kickstart

Arrive at the venue at the allocated time. Introduce yourself to the race secretary at the sign-on desk and start your paperwork.

Purchase a Junior Training Permit = $30 per rider and is valid for three months. This is a one off fee and covers the junior training program. This is a mandatory program that all children must undertake prior to being able to apply to MNSW for competition license. The program is designed to ensure the children have good control of their bike before being able to compete. In a nutshell it covers such things as:

Club Rules/Riding Rules

Cornering Jumps

Bike Scrutineering

Hill Climbs

Bike Controls And Operations

Different Riding Terrains



Body Positioning

MNSW Rules

– The minimum duration of the course is one day, and there is no maximum, though an additional training permit would need to be purchased after the first three months.

– Join your coach to begin the training program.

– At the successful completion of the practical training program, you will be required to undertake a written test. (Mum and Dad can help the younger ones). Once you have successfully completed this test, you are then able to apply to MNSW for a competition license.

– The MNSW license application form details all documents that needs to be forwarded to MNSW to obtain the license (photo, birth certificate….)

– Once your child has received their license from MNSW they are then free to join their competition group at the next club points day.

Your First Competition Day

There are some basic rules that each rider needs to know about for each points day.


8:00 – 9:30am


8:00 – 9:30am

Scrutineering – this will finish at 9:30 sharp

9:45 – 10:00am

Riders Briefing – Events, and track conditions discussed

10:00 – 12:00pm

Riders to complete events for the day as far as possible

12:00 – 12:45pm

Lunch Time

12:45 – 1:00pm

Raffles and any further club news


Free Ride


All Parents/Guardians are expected to Marshall and help run events. Committee members and other parents will gladly assist you to learn the rules so don’t be frightened.

Spectator Rules

– No children in event areas or Mini-Cross areas unless riding
– Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children at all times
– Spectators must stay in marked spectator areas.

Car Park Rules

– No starting of motorbikes in car park at anytime.
– No riding of motorbikes in car park at any time.
– No pushbikes in canteen compound.

First Aid

At our club safety is of utmost importance. Thus we try to provide a safe environment at all times. This is another reason why club rules must be obeyed at all times. At every ride day we always have qualified first aid there to ensure that any rider that is hurt, no matter how small, can be attended to professionally and immediately.

Free 1pm to 4pm

Each point’s day after everyone has finished his or her events we have free time. This is when the rider may practice his/her events or their Minicross. This time ends at approx. 4:00pm when First Aid leaves the club. This is a good time to have some fun and relax. Always remember the marshalling rules apply in free time especially on the Minicross tracks. We still need parents out their helping, to ensure safety throughout the day