Club jerseys can be ordered for a cost of $50.00 each on our club days through Angela or Sheree. 
This includes club logo , riders name and riding number.
Sizes available are Kids 6 - 14 and Adults S - 6XL.

85 -101 Redmayne Rd, Horsley Park NSW

The Calendar has been Updated 

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PLEASE READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Important Message to all MINIKHANA RIDERS
Those riders that have Junior Restricted Licences (JRN __/__/____ ) are not authorised for use in Minikhana.
Everyone is asked to check their riders licences to ensure that they have either a Mini __/__/____ or Junior National JNA __/__/____
If your licence is not Mini or JNA you need to contact MNSW urgently to change your licence to the correct category for you to be able to ride at the Regional Interclub on Sunday.
A example of a JRN licence attached.

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